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Flipside, the adventure park in Hyderabad, has a wonderful experience in store for each and every one of its guests. Flipside Amusement Park in Hyderabad is the place to come whether you want to face your fears, feel the thrill of adventure, go on a team outing in Hyderabad, or just enjoy some fantastic food. They have everything you could possibly want. We have the utmost excitement in store for you across our 4 acres of land!


15+ Adventurous Activities

Gokarting "Experience the Thrill"

Built on a sprawling 4 acre field in the Financial District of the city of Hyderabad, this is the ideal location for a race with your friends. The course features numerous twists and turns, as well as banked corners and spine-chilling inclines. The go karting track, which measures 613 meters in length, is suitable for both novice and expert racers. There is nothing more enjoyable than racing at speeds of 40 to 45 miles per hour around a racetrack with your closest friends and family. Today, the most popular kind of motorsport in Hyderabad is go-karting amusement park.

  Build Bonds

The increased communication, planning abilities, employee engagement, and staff collaboration that come as a result of team building are just some of the benefits. People are able to bond in a new environment when they participate in amusing activities that let them perceive each other in a different perspective. When you take part in Adventure Park in Hyderabad activities you build better teams and improve your ability to work with others. Employees are able to improve their performance, assist in the resolution of issues, and increase their regard for one another when they collaborate and communicate with one another.

Corporate Bookings


Flipside, amusement park in Hyderabad, is the place to go to book events, parties, and more. Make something memorable for the people you hold dear. Flipside, Adventure Park in Hyderabad gives you an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life by providing a range of exciting activities, a banquet hall with space for two hundred people, and a selection of delicious foods. Team outing in Hyderabad can be planned at this venue, which is also suitable for celebrating success parties, special birthdays, company anniversaries, and other events.

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