Rifle Shooting

Take aim and shoot just like on a battleground. Hit close to the bull's eye for maximum score.

Rifle Shooting in Hyderabad is a sports activities which is both competitive and recreational, and it involves competency tests of accuracy, precision, and speed. Shooting game in Hyderabad may include both team and individual competitions. The performance of a team is typically evaluated by adding together the scores of the individuals that make up that team. It is also called “Dead Shot game in Hyderabad”.

Activity Restrictions
Age Height Weight
8 and above - -
Safety Instructions
  • Listen carefully & follow the instruction provide the by the Instructors.
  • Keep the muzzle / gun pointed in safe directions, always aim to your target only.
  • Never point a firearm in fun or jest.
  • Firearms must be shot from firing line and nowhere else.
  • Do not shoot any other object other than target boards.
  • Do not throw the equipment's on the ground.
  • Never play with your air gun. it is a potentially dangerous weapon that can cause serious harm or death.
  • Everyone must be able to hear the range safety instructors, please keep taking to a minimum while shooters are on line, set cell phone on vibrate mode or turned off.

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