Trampolines are great at providing hours of entertainment. Keep the action and laughter going.

A piece of taut, sturdy fabric is used to stretch a trampoline's jumping surface between a steel frame utilizing multiple coiled springs to create the device known as a trampoline. Particularly enjoyable for young people to participate in. They are at liberty to leap to the delight and satisfaction of their own hearts. Trampoline in Hyderabad is an excellent kind of physical activity for children of all ages, especially those who are still getting the hang of rolling over, jumping, and running.

Activity Restrictions
Age Height Weight
3 and above - Max 120 Kgs
Safety Instructions
  • Listen carefully & follow the instruction provide the by the Instructors.
  • Do not perform dangerous jumps Landing on your head or neck can cause serious injuries, even death.
  • Before using the trampoline, make sure that your pockets are empty and keep hands free, do not wear baggy clothes, take off jewellery & tie up your hair.
  • Always jump in the centre of the trampoline
  • Do not eat while jumping on the trampoline
  • Do not use the trampoline if pregnant, if you suffer from high blood pressure or have cardiovascular problems.

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