Bungee Trampoline

Bungee trampoline that has safety harness so that the kids can enjoy jumping. Bring your kids and let them enjoy safely under our experts guidance.

Bungee jumping in Hyderabad is a sport in which the participant jumps from a high place while having a rubber cord (called a "bungee") attached to either his or her feet and to the site of the jump. After a period of headfirst free fall, the participant is then bounced back partway when the cord rebounds from its maximum stretch.

Activity Restrictions
Age Height Weight
4 and above - Max 90 Kgs
Safety Instructions
  • Do not perform dangerous jumps Landing on your head or neck can cause serious injuries, even death.
  • Before using the trampoline, make sure that your pockets are empty and keep hands free, do not wear baggy clothes, take off jewellery & tie up your hair.
  • Always jump in the centre of the trampoline
  • Do not eat while jumping on the trampoline
  • Do not use the trampoline if pregnant, if you suffer from high blood pressure or have cardiovascular problems.

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