One of the most popular outdoor activities. As a group activity it is full of challenges to overcome exciting and fun promotes team support.

Archery in Hyderabad is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. The game of archery in Hyderabad is ancient, but these days it's more of a competitive sport and a recreational hobby than anything else. Archery game in Hyderabad aims at helping participants focus and concentrate on their target. It is a great team and individual game.

Activity Restrictions
Age Height Weight
8 and above - -
Safety Instructions
  • Never point your bow at anyone, even if there's no arrow drawn.
  • Shoot only the target directly in front of you, not in the other object / person.
  • Never fire the arrow high into the air as you cannot predict where it's going to land.
  • If an arrow drops past the shooting line, leave it on the floor until the instructor gives you permission.
  • Treat all archery equipments with respect. Using damage equipments can injure you and people around you.
  • Take off your watch and/or jewellery before you begin shooting.
  • It's strongly recommended that you wear an arm guard.
  • Never draw an arrow if there are any people between you and your target.
  • Never dry fire your bow (pulling and releasing the string without an arrow seated.
  • At a time one person is allowed in one shooting range.

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